Women's Old School Work Vest

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Women’s Vintage Work Vest

  • Long ‘n lean. Looking good.
  • 8 pockets. Bring it.
  • Large back zip pocket. Tablet time.
  • Hidden chest zip pocket. Don’t lose your shit.
  • Pencil pocket. Take note.
  • High collar. Chill free.
  • Wind resistant. No low blows.

It’s all about the core.

It had a busted zipper. It was full of holes. But she couldn’t bear to throw it out. That’s when our buddy Emily brought her vintage work vest to us and asked for the same thing, but Dovetailed. Done! This is the ultimate women’s vintage work vest. Old school workwear vibes but a longer, leaner line (bye, short ‘n boxy!). Comfy to the core. Sustainably made. Plus a zipper that won’t quit. Love it, layer it, never loan it.