What's With Those Adirondack Mountain Names?

Robert C. Lawrence
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What do Mount Marcy and Mars have in common? What is a Dippikill? Was Lyon Mountain named for the French city, the king of the jungle, or a person? What mountain receives its name from an early Adirondack ornithologist? Which mountains represent famous graduates of Union College and Rensselaer School (now R.P.I.)? Robert C. Lawrence provides the answers to these questions and insight into more than a hundred Adirondack Mountain place names or oronyms in What's With Those Adirondack Mountain Names?The book arranged alphabetically lists the hundred highest Adirondack, Saranac Six, Tupper Lake Triad, and personal choice mountain place names. It provides pertinent information such as elevation, location, and name origin for hikers, tourists, day-trippers, Adirondackers, and Adirondacker wannabees.