The Adirondack Kids #4 The Great Train Robbery

Justin And Gary Vanriper
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The adventures of The Adirondack Kids continue in The Great Train Robbery, volume 4 of the best-selling chapter book series by father and son writing team, Gary and Justin Vanriper. Synopsis: "This afternoon the Upper Hudson River Railroad is carrying a strong box with a large payroll", announced the conductor. "We have just received a telegram warning us to be on the lookout for several outlaws recently spotted in our area. Let us know if you see any suspicious looking passengers." It's all aboard the train at the North Creek station and word is out there are bandits in the region. Will the train be robbed? Justin, Robert and Jackie Salsberry are excited. Nick Barnes is bored-but he won't be for long. Join the Adirondack Kids on the tracks in the mountains for an unforgettable summer weekend.