Peak and Ponds: Adirondack Day Hikes

Bobby Clark & Cat Hadlow
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The 160-page, full-color paperback includes:
GPS coordinates and QR codes for trailheads and parking areas; location on ADK’s High Peaks and National Geographic’s Trails Illustrated maps; page map sketches by illustrator Terry Brosseau; scores of photographs by regional photographers; information about wilderness safety and ethics; and trip distances and difficulty ratings.

This newest addition to ADK’s authoritative collection of hiking guidebooks is a thoroughly researched, collaborative work by two ADKers, Bobby Clark and Cat Hadlow, both seasoned outdoor adventurers.

The book honors ADK’s 100-year history of providing information to outdoor adventurers. It intersperses snippets of ADK history as it leads hikers to beautiful remote spots throughout the park—places such as Moss Lake, Catamount Mountain, Tirrell Pond, and Kipp Mountain.