My Journey To Wholeness

Debby Havas
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At 38, Debby Havas learned her chronic pain and exhaustion were the result of Multiple Sclerosis-a devastating diagnosis for a wife and mother of two girls. Hers is not like any other story struggle and darkness, however-it is a story filled with brilliant insights into the deeper, emotional and spiritual triggers of illness and disease. In a quest for healing, Debby began by returning to Nature, where she had always found consolation in the beauty surrounding her. In the safety and quiet of a northern forest, she slowly excavated her traumatic past, and found a way to release the energetic scars left on her psyche. Accompany this courageous woman on her journey, as she faces personal choices that free her from the past and speed her ahead on a path of healing. My Journey to Wholeness will lift your spirit, touch your heart, and shift your life in new directions.