Men's Ultra 100 'Spring 21

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The DYNAFIT Ultra 100 Trail Running shoe offers maximum cushioning. It was developed for all athletes striving to conquer ultra long distances. The maximum volume of the ULTRA 100 Trail Running Shoe guarantees a comfortable fit even after hours of running on challenging trails. During the development of the ULTRA 100 midsole, the focus was on the cushioning needed to maintain comfort across long distances. Combined with a POMOCA outsole, ultra-runners get excellent cushioning and superb grip on all surfaces and conditions. With the Invisible Lacing system, a stretch lace cover adds increased protection and keeps dirt and pebbles from getting into shoes. Another feature of the ULTRA 100 is the DYNAFIT Heel Preloader Technology – a design element that improves heel fit. All of these features together created the ULTRA 100, which is the perfect solution for your next, long trail run.