Men's Trollveggen Warmwool2 Stretch Tights

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The highly stretchable and functional trollveggen warmwool2 stretch Tights are our most durable mid-layer tights ideal for mountaineering .

The trollveggen warmwool2 stretch Tights are highly functional tights ideal for alpine adventures where both the altitude and temperature tend to switch between high and low.

The unique polyester/wool mix provides great thermal regulation, impeccable comfort, and natural odor reduction. The full-length zippers make them super easy to take on and off and are color coordinated to prevent loss of valuable time trying to match them up.

The tights have an athletic fit, following the joints and the movements of climbing to ensure maximum mobility. Due to the durable material mix, they can be worn as a solo layer on warmer days and we can highly recommend them as a downtime snug pant for lazy days.

The tights also have a thigh pocket with zipper and a flexible waistband. Men’s have a fly with zipper.