How To Build Rustic Furniture

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This planbook contains hundreds of rustic projects collected from antique books and periodicals from the late 1800’s to the 1950’s. This wealth of how-to knowledge from our forefathers provides plenty of information and inspiration to turn out projects with all the charm of a bygone era. The building of rustic furniture has been an American folk art since the first settlers arrived. Driven by a lack of furnishings and sophisticated tools they fashioned crude tables and chairs from the materials at hand. By the late 1800's rustic furniture was more refined and especially popular with the wealthy. The cities had become quite crowded and people flocked to the country for the peace and quiet it offered. Here they decorated their camps and hotels with beautiful rustic furnishings that gave them the tranquil surroundings they desired. Once again rustic furniture has become popular. If you've seen this furniture in the shops then no doubt you've seen the hefty price tags that they carry. Why not try your own hand at making some? Anyone with a few simple hand tools and some woodworking experience should be able to turn out handsome pieces for a fraction of the cost of the store bought ones. Perhaps you could build, and sell them at craft fairs and get in on the booming market.