Cheeky All-Day Sink Tip Fly Line

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The New Cheeky All-Day Sink Tip Fly Lines are made for streamer fishing fun. With 15 feet of sinking tip, these aggressively tapered lines help you get your fly to the depths where you know those giants swim. Designed by Cheeky Fishing, the All-Day Sink Tip Fly Lines add enough sink rate to give you real versatility on rivers, lakes, or for chasing salty critters. 

  • 15 feet of type VI sink tip fly line with a sink rate of 6 inches per second
  • 90 foot length 
  • Color: 2-tone Black/Mint
  • Aggressive weight-forward taper for easy rod loading
  • Super strong nylon core with no memory
  • Slick coating for effortless casting
  • Welded loops on both ends for easy rigging
  • Low stretch for lasting durability
  • Wallet friendly
  • Available in 5wt - 8wt