Peregrine Nesting Closures 6/10/2020

Posted by The Mountaineer on 10th Jun 2020

Peregrine Nesting Closures 6/10/2020

Newest updates for peregrine closures:

Attention Climbers: We are continuing to monitor nest sites and adjust rock-climbing closures accordingly. As of June 8th, 2020 the following rock-climbing restrictions/openings apply.

Chapel Pond

Upper and Lower Washbowl Cliffs are OPEN with the following exceptions:

ROUTE # ROUTE NAME (as described in Adirondack Rock 2nd Edition, Lawyer & Haas.)

8 Northern Revival

9 Third Time for Mrs. Robinson

10 Weekend Warrior

11 Hesitation

12 Project

13 Flashdance

14 Overture

15 Prelude

16 Soup Kitchen

17 Buffalo Soldier

Moss Cliffs

Moss Cliffs – OPEN


All routes are OPEN with the following exceptions:


119 Sailors Dive

120 Calvary Hill

121 Letting Go

122 Messiah

123 Foreplay

124 Borderline

125 It Don’t Come Easy

126 Puzzle Rue

127 Mayflower

128 The Rapture

129 Pilgrim’s Progress

130 Snow Blue

131 Morning Star

132 Earthly Night

133 Worse Than Real

134 Neurosis

135 Steptoe

136 Ancient of Days

137 Raptor Scream

138 Free Swing

139 Smear Campaign

140 Royal Savage

Crane Mountain

The Amphitheater section of the Black Arches Wall which includes the following are CLOSED:

  1. Four Ounces to Freedom
  2. Nasty Seven
  3. Birthday Corner
  4. Amphitheater Crack
  5. Broken Broom
  6. Pinch an Inch
  7. Dive

All other routes on Crane Mountain are OPEN.

Notch Mountain – CLOSED with the following exceptions:

The Guides Wall is OPEN - This includes Summit cliffs, The Slabs, The Roast, and Boast Slab.

Shelving Rock

All routes are OPEN.

Potash Mountain

All climbing routes on Potash are OPEN. Please exercise caution towards the top of the mountain.

Sleeping Beauty Mountain

All routes are OPEN.