Alpine Trad Sling

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A must for alpine, ice, trad and multi-pitch climbers: The single-strand Alpine Trad Sling offers faster and therefore safer handling than traditional slings. Instead of pulling it over your head and arm, you simply unclip the carabiner and pull the sling from your body. The Alpine Trad Sling uses the same quantity of material as a round sling, but rather than being stitched into a closed ring, the single-strand construction has a loop at each end to attach a carabiner. Intermediate belays can be quickly and easily shortened from 120 to 60 or 30 cm. 100% ultra-light Dyneema material offering the following advantages in comparison with regular nylon: higher strength/weight ratio, reduced water absorption and greater abrasion resistance. Weight 31 g. Weight reduction of 11% compared with our lightest sling 120 cm Contact Sling 8.0.