A Guide To Architecture In The Adirondacks

Richard Longstreth
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Finally, a comprehensive and easy-to-use guide to the built environment of the region. Drawn from more than six years of extensive fieldwork, A Guide to Architecture in the Adirondacks has 450 entries from nearly every Adirondack community and maps drawn specifically for this publication. It will allow readers to discover and explore a wide range of buildings, structures, and human-made landscapes and includes discussion of changing settlement patterns over time and the varied, sometimes conflicting economic factors that shaped the land. The book itself underscores the importance of the human legacy in the Adirondacks, revealing the richness and variety of the region's history in built form. It will be an essential companion for residents and visitors who have an interest in architecture. The Guide will help readers understand the historic environment and the value of preserving places. This monumental work is a much-needed reference for all those interested in the Adirondacks.