Mountainfest, the ultimate celebration of Adirondack ice & snow, is a great opportunity to test the waters with ice climbing - jump in to a “new to ice climbing” 101 course, develop new skills & step up your game with steep ice and mixed climbing clinics, or test your mettle with a "thin ice" clinic. There are opportunities to join clinics on alpine touring, backcountry skiing, winter travel & avalanche awareness.


Whether you come for clinics, gear and clothing demos, or adventure on your own - make sure to check out the evening entertainment. Our guest athletes always promise entertaining presentations & offer a chance to win big with raffle prizes and free swag giveaways!

Guest Athletes

Back by popular demand!!

An all-around climber with over 28 year of experience, establishing over 200 new routes; everything from traditional, sport, and mixed climbing. However, his biggest accomplishment and legacy is not how hard he can push himself, but what he can pass on to the next generation of climbers as a coach and mentor, especially to help develop the next generation of Olympic Caliber athletes.  When not teaching climbing clinics, Marcus can be found in Durango, Co at the climbing gym, running peaks, swinging tools, working on photography skills or just chilling at home.

Dedicated to the “whole-hearted” pursuit of alpinism, Vince Anderson splits his time between mountain guiding, rocking out to heavy metal and “mind-expanding” climbing experiences. Vince has climbed the Rupal Face of Nanga Parbat and made the first ascent of routes on K7 West in Pakistan and the North Face of Mount Alberta. He dreams of climbing the West Face of K2 in alpine style.

Growing up in a small town in Connecticut, Jordan started very young with skiing, quickly moving into snowboarding, and was introduced to rock climbing at his local YMCA day camp. Since then, those two sports have been his main passion.

Initially, he was not very involved in the New England climbing community, but the more time spent at the gym, the more he realized how vast the community was. The only thing, it was very white. It seemed strange that the diversity of the Boston area seemed to not be reflected in the climbing community. With all the initiatives happening in our world today, why was there still not a lot of representation? Jordan embarked on a journey to become a mountain guide. To show that we as a climbing community do welcome all and we do elevate those that have been historically undeserved.

Tyler Kempney - Rab

From Carthage, NY, Tyler started climbing rock, learning the basics here in the Northeast when he was in college. Now, he’s on the UIAA U.S. World Cup Men’s Ice Climbing team, living in Colorado. “I don’t do just one type of climbing,” he says, “I enjoy bouldering, sport, trad, pure cracks, offwidth and ice/mixed. I move very statically and like to lock everything off. Onsighting is my favourite.” and he enjoys chasing rarely formed ice routes in Colorado’s Front Range  


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