Mark Bealor


Name: Mark Bealor

Favorite Product sold at The Mountaineer: The culture-beautiful building, cool staff, quality gear, great customers.

Favorite outdoor adventures: Grand Canyon hiking, N. Wales sea-cliff climbing, soloing a new route on the S.W. face of Mt. Conness, climbing Kahl Wall on Yamnuska this May.

Fondest memory in The Park: Meeting my Canadian wife at Poke-O, climbing Free Ride and Mental Blocks on Wallface in a day with a good friend.

When not working, what’re you doing: Ebbs and flows with the weather- watching raptors, hiking/climbing, canoeing, planning the next trip to Canmore, reading an interesting book.

Favorite Book(s): Young Men and Fire (N. Maclean), No Great Mischief (A. MacLeood), The Calling (B. Blanchard)

Favorite Quote(s): “He’ll beat you with his’n, then turn around and beat you with your’n” (said of Alabama Coach Bear Bryant)

“t-A=0” (M. Twight)