Supercharger 171

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Just when you think that a company cannot make a ski any better, Voile goes and tweaks the Charger to create the SuperCharger. To get to this point, Voile did not alter the ski in the typical way - by making it wider, stiffer or more aggressive. Instead, they took the Charger and widened the tail and slightly trimmed the waist which makes it resemble the V8 more than any other ski in their line. It still has the Voile Hybrid Rocker so it can charge through any condition with ease. In fact, the new skis can even handle bumps! If you are looking for an affordable ski that offers dependable and consistent wider turns, this is the ski for you. Every time I ride these, I know how they are going to react on any snow, allowing me to really get the most out of my downhill experience. The skis are built tough, I would know, mine have rocks stuck to the top sheet (yes the top sheet!) and they still perform flawlessly. For the skier who wants a ski that can handle ice to powder and provide a smooth and reliable ride, consider this truly unique piece of ski architecture.