Kate Puccia


Name: Kate Puccia

Role at The Mountaineer: Front of the House Renaissance woman, the Mountaineer’s francophone

Favorite product sold at The Mountaineer:“The Adirondack Reader,” a beautiful anthology with 400 years of Adirondack lore and backcountry accounts, ECHO fly rods, Smartwool scarves, Stio threads, Jetboil Flash, all things topographic.

Notable outdoor adventures: Sailing in the Arctic Ocean around Svalbard, fjord anchorages and hiking high arctic glaciers and peaks. Fly fishing in the UK. Solo-sailing Lake Ontario. Road-tripping to 17 National Parks in a 1969 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser.

Fondest memory in the Adirondack Park: Life on the Boquet River. Summer nights anchored on Lake Champlain at Valcour Island, the Park’s easternmost outpost. Sitting on a summit under a kettle of migrating red-tailed hawks. All close encounters with ADK wildlife, birds and aquatic life. 

When you’re not working, what are you going? Makin’ artwork, sailing, ascending and descending terrain on foot/skis/board, fly fishing, cooking Italian feasts for family and friends, tapping maple trees. 

Favorite food after a long day in the mountains: Summer = open-face, fresh tomato sandwich. Winter = grilled raclette.

Favorite Quote(s): “We play on the frozen snow all winter long and in summer we play on the unfrozen snow.”  – Klaus Obermeyer