Chuck Bruha

Name: Chuck Bruha

Role at The Mountaineer: I started here in 1984 (29 years!). I am the buyer for boots, gaiters, and all of the store’s miscellaneous accessories. I also consider myself the head of the Listening Department – the better you listen to your customers, the better you are able to help them decide what will best fit their needs.

Favorite product sold at The Mountaineer: Boots and Expedition equipment. I enjoy selling boots because of the time you have to spend to get the fit correct. Here at the shop we aren’t afraid to say “sorry, we don’t have anything here that’s going to work for you,” rather than just “selling” the customer a boot that will leave them unhappy. Expedition outfitting is great because you get to run through the gear list with the customer and really get involved on a personal level with what they need for a successful expedition. Our customers really rely on us for our knowledge in this category.

Notable outdoor adventures:

Baffin Island (1982): first known non-natives exploring the glaciers around the Clyde River; climbed six unnamed peaks.

Mt. Rainer: (Summited spring 1986, Summited fall 1988, winter attempts 1987-1990 [someday I will get it right!])

Cotopaxi: (Summited 1996)

Big Mac (Mt. McKinley): Summited 1993

Fondest memory in the Adirondack Park: Watching people of the community come together after Hurricane Irene.

When you’re not working, what are you doing? Hiking or skiing lesser used parts of the Adirondack Park.

Favorite food after a long day in the mountains: PBR and a burger.

Favorite Quote(s): “If you are going through hell….keep moving”