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Each year thousands of travelers visit the BobñMontana's vast Bob Marshall Wilderness. Few, however, know much about the gentle, funny, enormously energetic, and extraordinarily effective man for whom the wilderness is named.

Marshall was born into a prominent, wealthy New York family, yet early on he showed himself to be more at home in the wild than in the city. Educated at Syracuse, Harvard, and Johns Hopkins, Marshall used his technical knowledge of forestry, enormous personal charm, and boundless energy to persuade the nation to set aside at least a fraction of its remaining wilderness. Marshall is also famous for his early Alaska explorations, described in his best selling books Arctic Village and Alaska Wilderness.

When Marshall died in 1939, at age 38, presumably of heart failure, the conservation movement lost one of its most persuasive, influential, and endearing spokesmen. This book, the first full-length biography of Marshall, is a thoughtful portrait of a man whose accomplishments will be discussed and written about as long as Americans care about their priceless natural heritage.